“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”.
– H. G. Wells

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I am a policy advisor and junior professional in the field of environmental science, policy and planning. My research and work focus on how people move in urbanized areas and how municipalities can encourage active transportation, namely walking and cycling, in cities. This is not only limited to the study of the relation between built environment, infrastructure and transport behaviour but also on governance and decision-making.

I am originally from Torino (Italy) but I moved to the Netherlands after my undergraduate studies.  My awareness and interest for sustainability, urban planning and mobility has grown during my bachelor’s at the University of Turin where I explored these topics with great interest. However, it is thanks to a period of study in the Netherlands that this interest developed into a passion and influenced my career decisions and research orientations. Experiencing the Dutch cycling culture was a cultural shock, especially for a student like myself who grew up in the “automobile capital” of Italy. It is then that I realized how the bicycle can become a tool for sustainable cities by providing a carbon-free, affordable and and egalitarian means to travel through cities. After this experience and during my research period, I have been actively engaged in the local NGO (Bike Pride) in promoting urban cycling as a mean of transport. I graduated with full marks and honors for my B.A. thesis about a comparative case study and evaluation of bike policies in Torino.

Later on, I moved to the Netherlands to start my Res MSc. in Sustainable Development (track: Environmental Governance) at Utrecht University and another MSc. in Urban and Regional Planning at University of Amsterdam. Along with my studies, I had several work experiences, namely a part-time job as journalist  for an international magazine based in the Netherlands (31mag.nl) and as digital communication intern for the Green Office Utrecht. In addition, I worked for the Metropolitan City of Amsterdam in the evaluation of fast cycling routes. At the present time, I am a policy advisor for Decisio. A leading Amsterdam-based consultancy company in the field of transport economics. Finally, I am part of the rootAbility expansion team for Italy which aims to export the Green Office model into the Italian Higher Education system.